My Seasonal Addiction

By | September 13, 2007

NHL Shield (v2)Hockey is back! And in addition to new jerseys for all 30 NHL teams the latest installment of NHL 08 was released for consoles and PC this week.

I prefer to do my NHL gaming on XBOX so when I was looking up information on the cost of the game for XBOX I was surprised to see that it was not being released for that platform.

EA Sports LogoPC, XBOX 360, PS3 and even PS2 were getting the next EA Sports game.

Why not XBOX? EA developed for the one year older PS2 but not the XBOX. An interesting move. I found this pretty unusual but at least I can get my NHL fix with a PS2.

Although if I am feeling nostalgic and want to do more work in my NHL 07 Dyntasty following a game of NHL 08 it will require a little bit of effort.

I have played NHL 07 on the 360 and it was a different experience all together. Once I get the PS2 back together (it has been having some disc read errors) I will try out NHL 08 and wish that Canucks I cheer for were doing as good as my Dyntasty team.

Bure Penalty ShotThirteen years ago Vancouver made it to the Cup Finals.

I was a fan before this time but their trip to the Finals sealed the deal as a fan for life.

Unfortunately I was quite young when this happened and I have forgot what it felt like being down 3-1 in a series or winning a game and series in double overtime.

That is why I was so excited when I came across this site. There are series breakdowns, audio clips from interviews and a few images from that magical summer.

Some moments I do remember. For example, the double overtime game seven against Calgary.

…Jeff Brown made a pass from his blueline up to the far blueline onto the stick of Bure, who was in full flight. In all alone, Bure faked to his backhand and pulled the puck to his forehand, wrapping the puck around the outstretched pad of Vernon and into the net for the series-winning goal.

I remember being home alone watching the game and when Bure scored I tore off through the house yelling and showing my excitement. I even fell down some stairs I was so elated.

Since then my celebrations have been toned down but a big goal can still get me running around the house.

Yes, hockey season is back and I am ready for it again.

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