My Year Beard

By | May 12, 2010

Same team. Out in the same number of games. Shaving the beard on the same day. I thought the lessons that were learned on May 11, 2009 would have helped the Canucks and I. However, history repeats itself and now there are a summer of questions.

This year the beard lasted 27 days, April 15 – May 11, before the dream died. This year felt different, the team was a year older, Henrik Sedin had a phenomenal year, the Canucks had a stellar home record and we were going to go far. After a few shaky performances against Los Angeles we were lined up for a round against Chicago, something the team wanted when the regular season ended.

Where is the problem? What is preventing us from going to the next round? San Jose has been a constant threat to win the Cup, but would always fall short, and after years of criticism finally proved themselves and are positioned to give their fans something they have been expecting for years. Will Vancouver go through the same lackluster performance in the playoffs like San Jose did? Or will the team fall short of expectations and eventually go through a rebuilding phase?

All these questions and all I have is the aftermath of a month of not shaving and the hope that next year will be different. Perhaps these beard posts will become a yearly tradition where everything falls just short of winning it all.

Enough speculation, one thing that we do know is that my beard didn’t grow properly this season. I still have a French look, my cheeks were bare and smooth and the goatee looked faint from a distance. Here are two photos a day for 27 days combined into an animation. There are two sizes available, one is 300×305 (3MB) and the other is 500×508 (7.8MB).

Maybe next year it will be different…maybe

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