My Shovel History

By | April 25, 2011

The move from condo to house last year meant we would be responsible for shoveling snow in the winter. For the last four years the extent of snow removal I have had to do was limited to cleaning my car off on snowy days at work. If there was ever a year to dive head first into shoveling snow this was it.

Every time I shoveled snow I tracked the time in DailyBurn and have some rough figures for amount of times, number of calories and time spent between November 2010 to April 2011 shoveling snow.

There were 140 days between the first snow shovel and the last with the numbers breaking down to be:

  • Number of times shoveled: 35 (average one shovel every four days)
  • Hours spent shoveling: 36.5 hours (average 62 minutes/shovel)
  • Calories burned: 14,194 total (average 405 calories/shovel)

Hopefully the 2011 winter isn’t as bad, but we’ll find out how the numbers look next year.

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