My Boxing Day

By | December 26, 2005

From work I have a few days off so I am using the time wisely to rest up after last week. Fortunately I have another stretch of days off in January that will allow me to finish off what I couldn’t do this week. Of course all that really means I will play more video games, watch more movies and start 2006 much the way 2005 ended.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, or whatever you celebrated. It was a pretty hectic day as we had lunch with Grandparents in Ponoka and then to Sherwood Park to have dinner with Jenna’s family. I was pretty fortunate in the gift department this year, but I think redundancy is the word of the day as I received three U2 // Vertigo DVD’s, two Chuck Palahniuk’s Diary as well as three slippers. I am taking back the extra DVD’s and book’s tomorrow, but as for the slippers, I am keeping them!

I figure the day after Boxing Day should be good enough to venture into the malls and exchange gifts. A few days back I bought the DVD set of Lost. I have already seen season one, but I enjoyed it that much I was willing to pay for it. Now the set is with Jenna who will hopefully get the same addiction that I have. Anyway, take care Internet.

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