My Sickness Grows

By | December 30, 2005

Last week I bought the retail copy of Lost: Season One. I enjoyed it and wanted to experience the episodes again, so I felt it was a good purchase. As the last month of my life has been consumed by this show my day to day conversations with Jenna were going on about Oceanic Flight 815, so I gave her the set to become experienced and learn about my disease. Today marks the first full week she has had the set and she has finished it off.

As Gord did with me a few weeks back, I am passing along Season Two so more mysteries can be revealed about those on the island. Fortunately for her, by the time she gets caught up to the most recent episde (What Kate Did) the show will return from it’s mid-season break and she will join the rest of us as we wait for new episodes each week.


I had a question’does cat litter come from a special cat litter factory? Or is it just a side product of those who make fancy gravel or sell landscaping rock? If you worked at a cat litter factory, would you brag about it? Would you and your cat litter buddies play a corporate softball game against the squares in the box factory every July long weekend? Perhaps you make friends with the sawdust crew but not the sea salt gang? Or maybe your life is so much better working at a cat factory that you are the owner of your very own major league team?

P.S.: “for those who understand my Lost sickness, check the timestamp of this message ;).

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