My Analog Frame

By | April 22, 2009

Analog Photo FrameOn January 12th I started something on a whim. A casual viewing of a SomethingAwful thread inspired me so much that it made the transition into my life.

I enlisted the help of Jeff and his collection of random things site Totallies.

Friday, January 09, 2009
(8:26 AM) sean: I have about 12-14 good photos so that will suffice for a couple of months.
(8:26 AM) Jeff G.: awesome

Every Monday since January 12th I have put a new photo in my frame for people to see. I started off strong with my favorites, had some prints from the B.U.S.E.Y. Photoshop SomethingAwful thread and submissions from the inspirational thread that started it all. I had some personal favorites but every week people would come by the desk and see what this weeks photo was.

Analog Photo Frame

Now that I am at the end of my photos I will start back over and repeat the photos again. The end came up faster than I expected and I was not prepared to add new photos into the mix. I will look through old threads and retrace my original steps to see if there are other worthy photos that could be added to the mix.

Regardless of what I find, knowing that some photo tech at London Drugs saw these photos and did a full body huh makes this whole adventure a little sweeter.

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